The ISimpleLoginService interface represents a Remoting SDK service that can be used to perform user authentication.

Note: Only services that implement the ISimpleLoginService interface can be used by the TDAODataSchemaDispatcher to perform user authentication.


Required Methods


Method that performs user authentication based on the provided credentials. This method returns true if the user was successully authenticated, otherwise false will be returned.

function Login(const aUserID: ROUTF8String; const aPassword: ROUTF8String; out aUserInfo: UserInfo): Boolean


  • aUserID: User name
  • aPassword: User password
  • aUserInfo: Variable of UserInfo type that will contain additional information about the logged in user.

LoginEx    (declared in IBaseLoginService)

Provides the actual login procedure.

function LoginEx(const aLoginString: ROUTF8String): Boolean


  • aLoginString: String that contains the connection name, user name and password

Logout    (declared in IBaseLoginService)

Provides the actual logout procedure.

procedure Logout


  • ISimpleLoginService Interface