The ScriptExceptionType enumeration defines different kinds of exceptions occuring when Business Rules Scripting API scripts are run. When a ScriptException exception information is sent back from the server client application can check kind of exception occured to properly handle the exception.


  • Unit: DataAbstract4_Intf.pas

Value Description
ScriptExceptionType_Abort Script engine attempted to execute script statement despite that script execution was paused
ScriptExceptionType_Fail Script execution was aborted using the fail('...'); command.
ScriptExceptionType_ParserError Script engine was unable to parse the the provided source code. This exception means that provided source code is invalid
ScriptExceptionType_RuntimeError Runtime error occured. Check the exception message to find out the exception reason
ScriptExceptionType_UnexpectedException Script engine crash. An exception occurred that cannot be handled properly by the script engine