This interface extends IMultiDbLoginService interface


Required Methods


Gets the names of the connections defined in the default ConnectionManager instance.

function GetConnectionNames: StringArray


Gets the default connection name.

function GetDefaultConnectionName: ROUTF8String

Login    (declared in IMultiDbLoginService)

This method performs user authentication based on the provided credentials. It returns true if the user was successully authenticated and false otherwise.

function Login(const aUserID: ROUTF8String; const aPassword: ROUTF8String; const aConnectionName: ROUTF8String; out aUserInfo: UserInfo): Boolean


  • aUserID: User name
  • aPassword: User password
  • aConnectionName: Name of the connection (defined in the schema). Determines the database to connect to.
  • aUserInfo: Variable of UserInfo type that contains additional information about the logged in user.

LoginEx    (declared in IBaseLoginService)

Provides the actual login procedure.

function LoginEx(const aLoginString: ROUTF8String): Boolean


  • aLoginString: String that contains the connection name, user name and password

Logout    (declared in IBaseLoginService)

Provides the actual logout procedure.

procedure Logout