Business Rules Scripting API

Data Abstract for .NET supports client and server side scripting, using JavaScript as the scripting language. These scripts can be used for updating the client and server business logic without requiring a reinstall of the clients or updating any deployed servers. A Data Abstract Business Rules Script usually contains a list of JavasSript functions which the Data Abstract engine will look for by name.

The Business Rules Scripting Events page contains a list of all events that the engine can call. Scripts can be defined in Schema Modeler and added to the schema, tables or to commands. To add a script in Schema Modeler, please read the Working with Business Rules Scripting document.

From within the script, there are a few global functions and fields that can be used when writing scripts. The Global Object (Business Rules Scripting) contains a list of these fields and what to use for them.

Object Types

The callbacks in the Business Rules Scripting API make use of some common structures, the following list contains the different objects that are used in the callbacks.