Data Abstract for .NET

This section of the documentation is tailored specifically to Data Abstract for .NET, the languages it supports (C#, Visual Basic, Oxygene or Silver) and the platforms (Windows, Windows Phone or any other platform running .NET or Mono) your applications can be deployed to.

The Introduction To The Library page provides an overview of the Data Abstract for .NET library, including information about the core classes.

The Getting Started section has a handful of articles intended to get you up and running quickly with Data Abstract for .NET. This includes information on installing the library, how to use core functionality like the Remote Data Adapter and so on.

The Advanced Topics section takes a deeper look into Data Abstract for .NET and tackles more advanced topics.

The Tutorials section has a number of step by step guides to using Data Abstract features. The primary tutorial is a "To Do List" application that interacts with an instance of Relativity server.

The Samples section provides an overview of the samples that are included with Data Abstract for .NET.

The FAQs section provides answers to frequently asked question about Data Abstract for .NET.

Lastly the API has shortcut links to the main API documentation.


If you have an active Data Abstract Subscription then you have access to pre-release or "beta" builds of upcoming Data Abstract releases. More information about the builds available, as well as where to get them is available below.