The TDADetailOption enumeration defines options used in the TDADataTable property to configure the behavior of a data table in a Master/Detail relationship.


  • Unit: uDADataTable.pas
Value Description
dtAllowFetchForNewMasterRecords Allows automatically fetch new data for detail table, when new record in added into the master table.
dtAutoFetch Automatically fetch new data for this detail table, when the master record has changed.
dtCascadeApplyUpdates Automatically apply detail changes to the server when ApplyUpdate is called on the master.
dtCascadeOpenClose Automatically open or close the detail table when the master table is opened or closed.
dtDisableFetchForClonedTables Disables fetching of new data for this detail table, if master is cloned table
dtDisableLogOfCascadeDeletes Do not log cascaded detail deletes. Enable this option if the back-end database is configured to automatically cascade deletes on its own and the detail deletes do not have to be applied back to the database, individually.
dtIncludeInAllInOneFetch Automatically download data for this detail table, when filling the master.