Remoting SDK for JavaScript


Object Notes
BinMessage Implements BinMessage format. Doesn't support compression at the moment, so using compression should be turned off on the server side.
ClientChannel ClientChannel is an abstract object used as prototype by custom client channels such as HTTPClientChannel. Custom client channels should implement post method.
EventReceiver EventReceiver is used at client side to poll and receive server events. To enable event polling create an instance of EventReceiver passing channel and message as parameters, then add event handlers and start polling.
HTTPClientChannel Custom client channel over HTTP protocol. Uses XmlHttpRequest object to post asynchronous requests.
JSONMessage Implements JSON-RPC protocol. Data values are encoded in JSON format, binary streams are base64-encoded. Requires WrapResult option set to true at the server side.
Message Base message object used as prototype for custom message implementations.
RemoteService An object that holds channel/message/service name combination. Deprecated since URL Schemes were introduced.
ROArrayType Abstract array object used as a prototype by custom RODL array types. Can read/write itself from/to the message
ROComplexType Base abstract class for complex RODL types like structs or arrays.
ROEnumType Base object for RODL Enum types.
ROEventSink Event sink implementation. Used internally to read events from the stream.
ROService Base object for remote services defined in the RODL library
ROStructType Abstract record object used as a prototype by custom RODL record types.


Exception Notes
ROException Base object for server exceptions defined in the RODL library. Holds additional fields structure along with Exception name and message.