The TDADataType enumeration defines the different data types supported by Data Abstract.


  • Unit: uDACore.pas

Value Description
datAutoInc Unique signed 32-bit integer value
datBlob BLOB (Binary Large Objects) value
datBoolean Boolean value
datByte Unsigned 8-bit integer value
datCardinal Unsigned 32-bit integer value
datCurrency Monetary value - accurate to a ten-thousandth of a unit
datCursor This type is used in informational purposes and for parameters only.
datDateTime Date/time value
datDecimal Binary-coded Decimal value
datFixedChar Fixed ANSI character value
datFixedWideChar Fixed Unicode character value
datFloat Double-precision floating-point value
datGuid Globally unique identifier (GUID) value
datInteger Signed 32-bit integer value
datLargeAutoInc Unique signed 64-bit integer value
datLargeInt Signed 64-bit integer value
datLargeUInt Unsigned 64-bit integer value
datMemo Long ANSI string values
datShortInt Signed 8-bit integer value
datSingleFloat Single-precision floating-point value
datSmallInt Signed 16-bit integer value
datString Standard ANSI string value
datUnknown Unknown value
datWideMemo Long Unicode strings value
datWideString Unicode string value
datWord Unsigned 16-bit integer value
datXml XML string value