Introduction to Data Abstract

Data Abstract is the premier framework for creating powerful and scalable database applications for all the major platforms.

In this Introduction section we will explore what Data Abstract is, why the multi-tier approach is so powerful, how to decide whether to use the supplied Relativity Server or to compile your own server, and more.

  • What is Data Abstract? explores what the Data Abstract framework is and how it can help you.
  • Which Edition of Data Abstract? looks at the different editions of Data Abstract that are available to better help you choose which is the best fit for you.
  • Why Multi-Tier? looks at the benefits that taking a multi-tier approach brings to your project & Data Abstract.
  • Relativity or Custom Server? helps you decide whether you wish you leverage the Relativity server supplied with Data Abstract or if you wish to create your own custom server using the Server editions of Data Abstract for .NET or Data Abstract for Delphi.
  • Working Synchronously Or Asynchronously? examines the different approaches to handling network communications that Data Abstract supports between your middle-tier server and your client applications.
  • Architecture explores how Remoting SDK makes up the foundation of Data Abstract, and then takes a deeper look into the workings of Data Abstract.