WhereUnary Object is a WhereExpression subclass with a unary expression in it, like -1 or not 35.

Where expressions are used to filter a request by applying extra conditions. They are generally stored as XML formatted strings, however, the scripting implementation can unwrap these into a tree. The WhereBuilder object can be used to create new instances of these objects.

The code snippet below shows how the WhereUnary Object can be used:

var UnaryOperator = WhereBuilder.createUnary(WhereBuilder.createConstant(15,'int'),'Minus');



Represents a sub expression for the unary. In the Where expression - 15, this would contain another Where expression of type WhereConstant with 15 in it.


Represents the Operator used in this expression. It can be one of these strings: Not, Minus. In the where expression - 15, the operator would contain the Minus value.