SchemaSQLStatement Object

The SchemaSQLStatement Object holds information about a statement associated with a SchemaDataTable or SchemaCommand object. A statement contains the per connection or per connection type information about which query has to be executed when that data table is accessed. The schema can be accessed by using the relationships property.

The code snippet below shows how the object can be used:

for (i=0; i<schema.dataTables.count-1; i++)
  for (j=0; j<schema.dataTables[i].statements.count; j++)
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].connection ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].connection);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].sql ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].sql);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].name ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].name);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].description ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].description);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].targetTable ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].targetTable);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].connectionType ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].connectionType);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].statementName ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].statementName);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].statementType ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].statementType);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].generatorName ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].generatorName);
    log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].statements['+j+'].columnMappings.Count ='+schema.dataTables[i].statements[j].columnMappings.count);



Represents the connection this statement belongs to; either this field or the connectionType has to be set for the statement to be found.


Represents the SQL statement for this statement. Only works for the StatementType SQL. For StoredProc, this has to contain the name of the SP, for AutoSQL it is ignored.


Represents the (unique) name of the statement.


Represents the description for this statement.


Represents the table to be used when applying updates, or, if the statement type is AutoSQL, it is used to generate the SQL for this query.


Represents the connection type this property belongs to. Either this field or connection has to be set for the statement to be found for a given connection.


If set, this is the default statement to use.


Value will be equal to SQL, AutoSQL or StoredProcedure.


Represents the array of SchemaColumnMapping Object instances and is used to map the fields returned from the Database Server back to the names used in the schema.