SchemaDataTable Object

The SchemaDataTable Object holds information about a data table within a schema. It can be accessed through the global schema variable by using the dataTables property.

The code snippet below shows how the dataTables object can be used:

for (i=0; i<schema.dataTables.count; i++)
  log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].name ='+schema.dataTables[i].name);
  log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].kind ='+schema.dataTables[i].kind);
  log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].description ='+schema.dataTables[i].description);
  log('schema.dataTables['+i+'].customAttributes ='+schema.dataTables[i].customAttributes);



Contains an array of SchemaSQLStatement Object instances associated with this data table. The statements are per-connection or per-connection type, so different statements can be defined for different types of database servers.


Contains an array of SchemaParameter Object instances associated with this data table. Parameters are optional and define which required parameters have to be passed to fetch the data in this table. The parameters themselves are used in the SQL query inside the schemas.


Contains an array of SchemaField Object instances associated with this data table. Returns the list of all accessible fields in the data table.


Gets or sets the predefined Where statement for this data table as XML string. This will be merged with any Where condition the client passes and can be used for filtering or security.


Gets or sets the unwrapped XML string for this data table. Returns a WhereExpression object or null (for empty Where queries) with the parsed query in it.


Represents custom attributes associated with this data table. It can be set from within Schema Modeler and can contain any data that can be interpreted from the script by accessing this property.


Gets or sets if this command is publicly accessible. Defaults to true; when 'false, any access to this data table is refused when called from the clients, so it can be used from inside the server only.


Represents the description text for this data table.


Represents the name for the current table.


Contains an associative array (accessible by index & name) for the source table, if it is a union data table. The sub type for this array is SchemaUnionSourceTable. Only exists when the kind property returns uniondatatable.


Contains the name for the default source table, if it is a union table. Only exists when the kind property returns uniondatatable.


Returns datatable for regular data tables, uniondatatable for unions. This property can be used to distinguish between regular tables and unions.