WhereMacro Object

The WhereMacro Object is a WhereExpression subclass that contains a reference to a Data Abstract macro. A macro is a special construct inside SQL queries in Data Abstract; they're interpreted by the server and can be used instead of Server-specific SQL to access, for example, the current date and other non-standardized functions. See the Macro Processor topic for more information about the supported macros.

Where expressions are used to filter a request by applying extra conditions. They are generally stored as XML formatted strings, however, the scripting implementation can unwrap these in a tree. The WhereBuilder object can be used to create new instances of these objects.



Returns the number of parameters in this macro call.



Adds a new expression to the parameter list for this macro.


Removes the entry at index from the parameter list.

insert(index, value)

Inserts an item at a specific index in the parameter list.


Represents the name of the macro to call.