SchemaUnionSourceTable Object

The SchemaUnionSourceTable Object is used for union data tables to define the source table. This can be accessed through the sourceTables property on the SchemaDataTable if it is a uniondatatable. The source table is used to find the original data table to pull the data from.

The code snippet below shows how the sourceTables object can be used:

 for (i=0; i<schema.dataTables.count; i++)
   if (schema.dataTables[i].kind == 'uniondatatable')
     log('Source table: '+schema.dataTables[i];
     log('Is readonly: '+schema.dataTables[i].sourceTables.isReadOnly);



Represents the name of the table that is referenced.


Equals true if this table cannot be written to.


Represents the column mapping for this table. Contains the array of SchemaColumnMapping and defines how the source's fields map to this one.