SelectResult Object

A SelectResult Object represents a record set returned when fetching data via the methods on the LocalDataAdapter, Object such as selectSQL using DA SQL. The object provides a default indexer that gives access to all rows of the record set, by index. This class is only available in server-side scripts.

The code snippet below shows how the SelectResult Object can be used:

var selResult = lda.selectSQL('SELECT * FROM Customers', null);
  var row;
  while (row = selResult.nextRow()) {
    if (row['CustomerID'] == 15) {



Returns the number of rows in this record set.


Returns the number of fields contained in each row of the record set.



Resets the current record cursor to the first record; the nextRow() function, described below, can be used to return this record.


Returns the current record (or undefined, if the end of the record set has been reached) and moves the active record cursor ahead.


Returns a DeltaField Object with information about the specified field. The field parameter can be either an index between 0 and count-1, or a string with the name of the field. If no matching field is found, Unassigned is returned.