Deploying Relativity on Mac OS X


  • Relativity Server requires the Mono framework.
  • The Relativity Server for Mono which provides a instance of Relativity that can be run as a unix daemon.

Running as a Unix Daemon on Mac OS X

To run Relativity Server as a unix daemon on OS X, use the Relativity Server for Mono distribution we provide which contains all the files needed to get going.

Unpack the zip file and copy its contents to the folder of choice.

Below is a list of the files provided in the download:

  • Web Admin GUI:
    • html directory
  • Relativity Server itself:
    • Relativity.exe
    • Relativity.exe.config
    • RemObjects.Relativity.Engine.dll
    • RemObjects.Relativity.UI.dll
  • Remoting SDK and Data Abstract:
    • RemObjects.SDK.dll
    • RemObjects.SDK.Server.dll
    • RemObjects.SDK.Server.AWS.dll
    • RemObjects.SDK.ZeroConf.dll
    • RemObjects.DataAbstract.dll
    • RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.dll
    • RemObjects.DataAbstract.Scripting.dll
    • RemObjects.DataAbstract.Scripting.RemoteDebugger.dll
    • RemObjects.Script.dll
    • DataAbstract.daConfig
  • AWS SDK:
    • AWSSDK.Core.dll
    • AWSSDK.DynamoDBv2.dll
    • AWSSDK.S3.dll
  • SQLite.NET driver:
    • System.Data.SQLite.DLL
  • FirebirdSQL driver:
    • FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.dll
  • PostgreSQL driver:
    • Npgsql.dll
    • System.Buffers.dll
    • System.Memory.dll
    • System.Numerics.Vectors.dll
    • System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe.dll
    • System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions.dll
    • System.ValueTuple.dll

To start Relativity as a background service, open Terminal or SSH into the Machine and cd into the directory you copied Relativity to, then type the following command:

sudo mono-service2 Relativity.exe

To stop the Relativity service issue the following on the command line:

sudo kill `sudo cat /tmp/Relativity.exe.lock`

To administrate the Relativity Server instance you need to use either the Mac Server Explorer application, the Windows Relativity Admin Tool or the web interface which is accessible from any platform.