Relativity Admin Tool (Windows)

The Relativity Admin Tool is a Windows tool used to administrate and configure every aspect of instances of Relativity Server; from server channel settings, to the domains being hosted and their underlying schema.

It is mainly intended for use on Windows, but as it is fully compatible with Mono it is possible to run it on Linux and Mac OS X when executed with Mono. However if you planning to use Mac OS X for administrating Relativity Server then we recommend that you instead use the fully native Server Explorer application.

The sections below explore the tool and its many settings:

  • Main Window describes the main user interface.
  • Network Settings section allows you to customize the servers network settings to be suit your needs.
  • Login section is where you define the administrators for the server.
  • Domains section is where you configure what actions are allowed on a domain, for instance if Dynamic Select is available.
  • Domains->Login section is where you set the login provider responsible for accessing managing the users allowed to access the data, as well as a special developer login provider to be used by the developers.
  • Connections section is where you create & see the connections to the backend databases that may be used in the domains schemas.
  • Schema section is where you manage the schema and is below the Connections section. If no schemas are defined you'll only see "Add new Schema", otherwise the schema is shown as its name (for instance in the DASamples domain, the available schemas are "PCTrade" and "Simple")
  • Log section is where you can see a date sorted error log.