The IScriptContext interface represents script context information provider used by the Business Rules Scripting API. The IScriptContext interface provides information about current Schema and Session information and a flag indicating whether the script is executed by the server application.

On the server-side the IScriptContext interface is implemented by the ScriptContext class. On the client-side this interface is implemented by the Data Adapter classes.




Gets a flag inticating wherther the Script s being executed by a server application or not.


property IsServer: Boolean read;


Boolean IsServer { get; }


ReadOnly Property IsServer() As Boolean


Gets current Schema instance.


property Schema: Schema read;


Schema Schema { get; }


ReadOnly Property Schema() As Schema


Gets current Session instance. Always gets null for scripts being executed by a client application.


property Session: IScriptSession read;


IScriptSession Session { get; }


ReadOnly Property Session() As IScriptSession