The IScriptDebuggerVariable interface represents script variable. This interface is used to separate the debugger variable object implementation from its definition.

Objects implementing the IScriptDebuggerVariable interface are created internally in the EcmaScriptProvider and are sent to the remote debugger application when Remote Script Debugging feature is implemented by the server application. In most cases there is no need to implement the IScriptDebuggerVariable interface in the user code or to anyhow access objects implementing it.

For internal use only.




Gets a name of the script method.


property FunctionName: String read;


String FunctionName { get; }


ReadOnly Property FunctionName() As String


Gets a readonly collection of script variable information objects.


property Variables: ReadOnlyCollection<IScriptDebuggerVariable> read;


ReadOnlyCollection<IScriptDebuggerVariable> Variables { get; }


ReadOnly Property Variables() As ReadOnlyCollection<IScriptDebuggerVariable>