The UpdateMode enumeration describes how the data row to be updated or deleted is located in the underlying database. This parameter canbe set for every table in the server Schema individually via properties of the corresponding Business Processor.

In most cases WhereKeyOnly is the best choice, because every data row in a data table can be uniquely identitifed using its primary key's values. However sometimes server have to ensure that datarow it tries to update was not changed after the updating client app acquired it. In this case the WhereAll value should be used.

Note: Not all possible values of this enumeration are supported by the Data Abstract for .NET. non-supported valuesare considered obsolete.


Value Description
WhereAll All logged data table fields are used to locate the data row. If any data field value was changed and doesn't match the old field value received from the client then data update operation will fail
WhereKeyAndUserDefined Not supported. Will be internally substituted with WhereKeyOnly
WhereKeyOnly Primary key data table fields are used to locate the data row
WhereUserDefined Not supported. AnDAException exception will be raised on any attempt to use this enumeration value.