The WhereParser class creates new WhereExpression instances based on the provided strings. This parser can be used to process user input and convert it into WhereExpression instances that can be used later to request data from the DataAbstract server.

Please note that the format of the input string is similar to the WHERE clause format for SQL queries.

This code snippet shows how the WhereParser class can be used:

WhereExpression lExpression = WhereParser.Parse("(field1<>21) and (field2='test')");


Class Methods

Parse (String): WhereExpression

Creates a new WhereExpression instance based on the provided string.

A DAException will be raised if it is not possible to parse the provided string successfully.


class method Parse(aData: String): WhereExpression


static WhereExpression Parse(String aData)


Shared Function Parse(aData As String) As WhereExpression


  • aData: String containing the WHERE clause

Instance Methods


This method parses the WHERE clause string and returns the corresponding WhereExpression instance.

It is used internally during WHERE clause string processing by the Parse class method.

For internal use only.


method Parse: WhereExpression


WhereExpression Parse()


Function Parse() As WhereExpression