ISimpleDataAbstractService is a descendant of the IDataAbstractService that simplifies data access for use from foreign platforms, like javascript or php. Instead of using a streamer it wraps all the data in an array of SimpleDataResult. It also simplifies the requests by allowing sql to be passed in the SimpleRequestInfo structure. When this class is used as a base class for Data Abstract services, they can be accessed through JSON and XML-RPC.


Required Methods


The "GetData" call; like the base GetData api, it takes an array of requests, and returns a list of results. The array lengths of the request and response will match (unless an error occurs, in which case it returns a regular exception).


method SimpleGetData(Request: array of SimpleRequestInfo): array of SimpleDataResult


SimpleDataResult[] SimpleGetData(SimpleRequestInfo[] Request)


Function SimpleGetData(Request As SimpleRequestInfo()) As SimpleDataResult()


  • Request: the requests to send to the server. These will all be processed in the same transaction.


Send one or more updates from one or more tables to the server. SimpleDelta contains an array of changes for a specific table. All items will be processed in the same transaction, unless the server explicitly changes this behavior. The result is the same array with updated values, if any.


method SimpleUpdateData(aDelta: array of SimpleDelta): array of SimpleDelta


SimpleDelta[] SimpleUpdateData(SimpleDelta[] aDelta)


Function SimpleUpdateData(aDelta As SimpleDelta()) As SimpleDelta()


  • aDelta: delta list to process.


  • ISimpleDataAbstractService Interface