The IServerEventChannel interface represents an entity that is able to dispatch events from the server to the client.

This interface is implemented by the EventSinkManager class to dispatch events contained in serialized form in Messages to registered event receivers.

This article describes how server events can be used to send notifications from the server application to its clients.


Required Methods


Dispatches an event contained in serialized form in aMessage to the previously registered event receivers. Only event receivers registered with aEventSink and satisfying the conditions defined in aEventTargets will receive this event.


method DispatchEvent(message: IMessage; eventSink: Type; eventTargets: IEventTargets)


void DispatchEvent(IMessage message, Type eventSink, IEventTargets eventTargets)


Sub DispatchEvent(message As IMessage, eventSink As Type, eventTargets As IEventTargets)


  • message:
  • eventSink:
  • eventTargets: