The IRemoteQueryProvider interface exposes several methods used by DA LINQ for getting appropriate DA SQL strings and executing DA LINQ expressions.

This interface supported by the RemoteTable<T> class. In most of cases there is no need to use this class directly, but it is possible to use it manually, as shown in the following example:

var linq = from prod in DataAdapter.GetTable<Products>() 
       where prod.Name.Contains("HDD")
           select prod;
IRemoteQueryProvider provider = new RemoteTable<Products>(DataAdapter);
String sql = provider.GetQueryText(linq.Expression);
Console.WriteLine("sql: {0} ", sql);

IEnumerable products = (IEnumerable)provider.Execute(linq.Expression);
foreach (Products p in products) {
    Console.WriteLine("{0}\t{1}", p.Id, p.Name);

Output: sql: SELECT [t0].[GroupId], [t0].[Id], [t0].[Name], [t0].[Obsolete], [t0].[PCode], [t0].[Remarks], [t0].[VendorId], [t0].[Warranty] FROM [Products] AS [t0] WHERE ([t0].[Name] LIKE '%' + :p0 + '%')

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property DataAdapter: LinqDataAdapter read;


LinqDataAdapter DataAdapter { get; }


ReadOnly Property DataAdapter() As LinqDataAdapter



property ElementType: Type read;


Type ElementType { get; }


ReadOnly Property ElementType() As Type

Required Methods


Describes the method that will execute the given DA LINQ expression and return the result data.


method Execute(sql: String; paramNames: array of String; paramValues: array of Object; reader: Func<QueryResult, Object>): Object


Object Execute(String sql, String[] paramNames, Object[] paramValues, Func<QueryResult, Object> reader)


Function Execute(sql As String, paramNames As String(), paramValues As Object(), reader As Func (Of QueryResult, Object)) As Object


  • sql:
  • paramNames:
  • paramValues:
  • reader:


Describes the method that returns the DA SQL query (as string) generated from the given DA LINQ expression.


method GetQueryText(expression: Expression): String


String GetQueryText(Expression expression)


Function GetQueryText(expression As Expression) As String


  • expression: