The IRemoteTableQuery interface exposes the single GetEnumerable method, which actually triggers the execution of the DA LINQ expression and returns the IEnumerable object with the already fetched data.

This interface is supported by the RemoteTableQuery<T> class, which is the base class for the RemoteTable class. Thus you can iterate the content of each instance of the RemoteTable, for example:

IRemoteTableQuery query = new RemoteTable<Products>(DataAdapter);
IEnumerable products = query.GetEnumerable();
foreach (Products p in products) {
    Console.WriteLine("{0} ({1})", p.Name, p.Id);

But in most of cases, there is no need to use it directly since the IRemoteTableQuery class is used internally in the DABindingList class, inside its extension methods ToDABindingList and FillDABindingList.


Required Methods


Describes the method that will execute the GetData request for the given RemoteTable and returns the IEnumerable object with the fetched data.


method GetEnumerable: IEnumerable


IEnumerable GetEnumerable()


Function GetEnumerable() As IEnumerable