Server section

When you select a server from the source list, the right hand side will change to display a configuration screen pre-populated with details about the server.

The above figure shows an example of a server detected through ZeroConf that was previously unknown. As you can see a number of details have been pre-populated1 like the URL, the message type and the channel type. The yellow padlock icon in the upper right indicates that the Server is currently locked because it has no License file.

To upload the license file simply press the Upload License button, navigate to the license file, select it and press Open. It will then be uploaded and verified by the server.

To download your license, if you don't already have it, go to the RemObjects Customer Portal. You will find it under the Your Stuff section, click on "License File Download".

In the final section of the pane you supply the Admin login details. The default username is Administrator and Password is Relativity. If you do not supply those login details then you will not be able to properly administrate that server. However certain tasks can still be completed, for example individual Developer Logins can be used to access specific domains only, these can be specified in the Domains section.

Note we recommend that you change the default password, which you can do in the Setup section. More on that in a moment.

This is an example of a server detect via ZeroConf, which has a valid License file (note it says "Royalty-Free Edition(active)") and has the user name and password supplied.

To expose the additional settings, the database connections and the schemas hover the mouse over the server name and click "Show" or double click the server name.

We will explore each of those in the following sections.


  1. For servers that are registered via ZeroConf, the channel and message types and the port number will be adjusted automatically should they change.