Schema Modeler (Mac)

Schemas are one of the powerful features of Data Abstract, which are used to abstract the structure and type of the back-end database away from the code in the client and middle tiers. The Schema Modeler, which is integrated into Server Explorer, is a tool for defining and maintaining Data Abstract schemas.

It has been designed to be usable both by developers for implementing the middle (and possibly client) tier, as well as database administrators or architects that only want to define the schemas that will later be coded against by other members of the development team. Typical uses for the Schema Modeler include:

  • Defining Connections against the real back-end databases, using any of the many drivers supported by Data Abstract.
  • Browsing tables, views and stored procedures available on the back-ends, with the Connection Manager.
  • Defining Data Tables and other schema objects to expose as part of the schema, via drag and drop from the Connection Manager or by manually configuring the tables as desired.
  • Where needed, configure Column Mappings to define how fields from data tables map to potentially differently-named fields in the back-end database.
  • Configure mappings of data tables to potentially differently-named tables in the back-end databases, useful when targeting multi-database scenarios.
  • Run and test data tables against various back-ends to see if they are functioning as expected.
  • Define Business Rules scripts for Data Tables, Commands and the whole Schema, using a smart JavaScript editor.

When the Schema Modeler view loads, the Connection Manager is also displayed.