Login Section

The Login Providers section makes it possible for you to define how the administrators of the server are defined. By default a Static Login Provider is used, which has a single admin user defined. You can instead choose to use a LdapLoginProvider.

StaticLoginProvider is the simplest of the login providers, and the most useful for admin/developer login, or in the early development phase of your project. It works by simply letting you specify a list of valid usernames and passwords that will be accepted. This is the default login provider for all logins on a freshly installed Relativity Server or a freshly created domain.

To add or edit existing users for the StaticLoginProvider click on the blue >> icon which will open an additional panel showing the users that have already been defined. Press the green + to add a new user, providing the login information. When you've finished adding all the users you need pressing the green tick and then click on the Floppy disk icon.

LdapLoginProvider is the most complex one of the available login provider options. It can be used to connect Relativity to an existing LDAP server in your organization to validate logins. This can be very useful if you want your application to automatically share usernames and passwords with other non-Relativity, non-Data Abstract services in your company. Getting into the details of LDAP would go beyond the scope of this text, but if your organization is using LDAP, your LDAP administrator should be familiar with the required options.