Domains and their settings

The Domain Settings section allows you to fine tune how client applications can interact with the domain and the schemas there in.

Allow Data Access this is typically enabled to let all applications, including Server Explorer / DA SQL Browser, interact with the schemas. If you disable this option then no application will be able to see or modify the data and the exception 'Data access has been disabled (GetData)' will be returned.

Allow Data Access via DA SQL this is also typically enabled, when disabled it prevents the SQL Browser or DA SQL Browser from accessing the schema data and raises the 'Execution of DASQL has been disabled' exception.

Allow Data Updates when disabled this makes the schema data read only and returns the exception 'Data updates have been disabled (UpdateData)'

Process All Deltas - normally deltas are processed based on the update rules that you specify. When this option is enabled, then delta's that are not covered by an update rule will be processed.

Alow DynamicSelect when enabled allows the execution of DynamicSelect requests by the Data Abstract server. If it is disabled then the 'DynamicSelect support has been disabled (GetData)' exception is returned.

Allow DynamicWhere when enabled allows the execution of DynamicWhere requests by the Data Abstract server. If it is disabled then the 'DynamicWhere support has been disabled (GetData)' exception is returned.

Allow Command Execution when enabled Relativity will execute Schema commands.

Allow SQL Excecution it is recommended that this option should be turned OFF all the time. It is very dangerous as it allows Relativity to pass any SQL statement sent to it, directly to the underlying database.

Enable Script Debug when enabled it makes it possible to debug scripts from the SQL Browser.

On top of those basic Domain settings you can also choose the Connection Manager to use a Connection Pool. If you enable Connection pooling then there is a server wide pool available to applications, based on the resources available to your server you can set the maximum number of connections available to the pool. If the size is set to 0 then there are an infinite number available.

The last thing you can configure is the type of data streamer to use. If you wish to enable support for platforms like webclients then you should select the JsonDataStreamer which uses a binary encoded base 64 stream. The default option is Bin2DataStreamer which is a highly efficient binary format that is supported on all the platforms that Data Abstract is available and is the recommended selection.

When you've finished, save the changes you've made by pressing the floppy disc icon at the top of the panel. If you want to delete the Domain press the Delete Domain button.