Connections Section

Each domain maintains its own list of Connections (or Connection Strings) that specifies the database or databases that schemas may use and how you connect to them.

When you click on the Connections node in the left hand panel, the right hand panel will change to display a table of Connections that have already been created, including the connection name, type of connection and a description.

On the left side there are two buttons which you can use to load and save Connections. This allows you to easily transfer the connections you have already defined from one instance of Relativity to another. The files you save has a .daConnections extension.

To create a new connection press the green + icon, this opens the Connection Definition dialog, shown above. Here you define the type of database that is to be used (Connection Type) and how the connection is to be established (Connection String).

  • Connection Name is generally suggested to be the name of the schema the connection is for.
  • Connection Type is used to select the best matching Schema statement. For instance in the connection has type SQLite, and the Schema table has a few statements with types set to MSSQL, SQLite, Oracle etc then it is used to decide which Schema statement should be used.
  • Connection String is a special string that describes a data source and how to connect to it. Consult the Connection String page for the appropriate string to use for your database choice.
  • Description is a space to record any useful information.

To edit an existing connection either double click on the Connection, or single click it and then press the edit icon. There you can then change the Connection Type, Connection String and Description.

To delete a connection, select it and click on the red -.