The TROZeroConfBrowseAndResolveEngine class provides methods for receiving information about the ZeroConf environment and services registered in it.
This class is used internally in the TROZeroConfBrowser.BrowseAndResolve method.


Instance Methods

constructor Create  override

Creates an instance with provided parameters.

constructor Create(aOwner: TROZeroConfBrowser)


BrowseAndResolve  protected

Browses a service by using the aDomain and aServiceType parameters. If the service is found, this method returns information in the out parameters.

function BrowseAndResolve(aTimeout: Integer; const aDomain: UnicodeString; const aServiceType: UnicodeString; const aHostTarget: UnicodeString; out aFullDomainName: UnicodeString; out aPort: Integer; out aTxtRecord: UnicodeString; out aAddresses: string; aIpType: TIpType): Boolean


  • aTimeout: Timeout (in seconds)
  • aDomain: Domain
  • aServiceType: Service type
  • aHostTarget: Host target
  • aFullDomainName: Full domain name
  • aPort: Port
  • aTxtRecord: Additional service information like channel, message type etc.
  • aAddresses: Address
  • aIpType: TIpType type value.

Start  protected    (declared in TROZeroConfBrowseEngine)

Starts searching for the service with the specified aServiceType within aDomain.

procedure Start(const aDomain: UnicodeString; const aServiceType: UnicodeString)


  • aDomain: Service domain name
  • aServiceType: Service type this instance should browse for

Stop  protected    (declared in TROZeroConfBrowseEngine)

Cancels the service search.

procedure Stop

TriggerBrowse  protected override

If the Add parameter is true, this method creates an instance of the TROZeroConfService class and tries to obtain service information.

procedure TriggerBrowse(const Add: Boolean; const aServiceName: UnicodeString; const aServiceType: UnicodeString; const aDomain: UnicodeString)


  • Add: Determines whether an instance of the TROZeroConfService will be created.
  • aServiceName: Service name
  • aServiceType: Service type
  • aDomain: Domain