Class Notes
EcmaScriptComponent The main component to use when working with EcmaScript (Javascript). It's the engine itself that contains all the EcmaScript specific logic. This component lets you set the script, run it, run functions on it and debug it.
ParserMessage Holds errors the parser encountered while parsing the source code. When parsing an EcmaScript source file, the parser uses a list of these classes to store the errors it found while parsing the file.
ScriptComponent Base class for the EcmaScript component. There's currently only 1 subclass of this. This class holds all the functionality needed to set a script, load it, run it and to debug it.
ScriptStackFrame Script stack frame holds the locals and the current method when debugging a script. It's used for debugging purposes and can for example be used to show the state of the callstack and the locals defined on that call stack entry.


Enum Notes
ScriptStatus The ScriptStatus enumeration represents current state of the script engine. Values of this type are used internally to manage the script execution (f.e. to contol script execution when it is running in debug mode).


Exception Notes
ScriptComponentException Exception class for ScriptComponent. This is raised when calling methods that are in an invalid state (like Run when already running)
ScriptRuntimeException This class is raised when an EcmaScript exception is raised and holds the object that was thrown.