Class Notes
EcmaScriptArrayObject Class used to store arrays in EcmaScript. This overrides some of the functionality of the plain EcmaScriptObject to make it match the behavior of EcmaScript arrays.
EcmaScriptBaseFunctionObject Base class for function objects in EcmaScript. A function object is a callable object, while the base EcmaScriptObject does not allow calls or <strong>new</strong> expressions on itself.
EcmaScriptObject The EcmaScriptObject Object is the base class for all Javascript objects. It's a property bag that supports prototyping (through the prototype property). The engine uses this to hold and store all objects, arrays and even the "global" object in JavaScript...
GlobalObject The global object is the root of everything in Javascript. It's where the prototypes for all the types are defined, where all the default library functions are, and the values that are available to all the scripts. Each engine has a unique instance of...
PropertyValue PropertyValue holds information about a property in the property bag. It's used to store data, the get/set method and associated flags.
Undefined Undefined is the value of the special "undefined" keyword in Javascript. It's the default value of a Javascript value. Undefined should not be confused with null. Undefined generally means "not set", while null is a regular value. This class is a singleton...
Utilities Utilities is the class to use to convert values to other types, get argument values and do other things based on the rules defined in the Javascript specification. All functions here follow the rules exactly and are used by the runtime when dealing with...


Enum Notes
EcmaScriptErrorKind The EcmaScriptErrorKind enumeration is used to provide information about exact kind of the script parser error that caused a ScriptParsingException exception.
NativeErrorType The NativeErrorType enumeration represents exact type of an error occurred when the Script was performing an action over an object mapped to the .NET type (either provided as method parameter or instantiated during the Script execution).
PrimitiveType The PrimitiveType enumeration represents the JavaScript value type. Values of this type are used to describe which JavaScript value type the given object can be mapped to.
SimpleType The SimpleType enumeration represents the JavaScript type of a Script entity (variable, method parameter etc)


Exception Notes
ScriptParsingException The Script parsing exception is raised when the tokenizer or parser cannot parse a script because of it's syntax. Usually this means there's a bad character or if a token that is required is missing.


Alias Type