The EcmaScriptErrorKind enumeration is used to provide information about exact kind of the script parser error that caused a ScriptParsingException exception.


Value Description
CannotAssignValueToExpression Cannot assign a value to the expression.
CannotBreakHere Cannot break here.
CannotContinueHere Cannot continue here.
CannotReturnHere Cannot return here.
CatchOrFinallyExpected catch or finally expected.
ClosingBraceExpected Closing brace expected.
ClosingBracketExpected Closing bracket expected.
ClosingParenthesisExpected Closing parenthesis expected.
ColonExpected Colon expected.
CommentError Unexpected end of file in comment.
DuplicateIdentifier Duplicate identifier found in the script.
DuplicateLabel Duplicate label found in the script.
EInternalError Internal parser error occurred.
EnterInRegex Line break in a regular expression definition.
EOFInRegex Unexpected end of file in regular expression.
EOFInString Unexpected end of file in string literal.
FatalErrorWhileCompiling Fatal error while compiling. Internal script engine error.
IdentifierExpected Identifier expected.
InvalidEscapeSequence Invalid escape sequence.
OnlyOneDefaultAllowed Only one default case allowed in a switch statement.
OnlyOneVariableAllowed Only one variable allowed in variable definition.
OpeningBraceExpected Opening brace expected.
OpeningParenthesisExpected Opening parenthesis expected.
SemicolonExpected Semicolon expected.
SyntaxError General syntax error.
UnknownCharacter Unknown character in the script.
UnknownLabelTarget Unknown label target used.
WhileExpected while keyword expected.
WithNotAllowedInStrict with statements are not allowed in a strict context.