The SelectiveEventTargets class represents a list of server event recipients. This class implements the IEventTargets interface and thus can be used as parameter in EventSinkManager method calls.

The SelectiveEventTargets class allows to specify a list of server-sent event recipients. This is very useful when server event should be sent to all users except one (f.e. data update notifications should be sent to all subscribed users except the one who triggered this data update).

See the Event Sinks and Server Callbacks article for more details about server events.


Instance Methods


Creates a new instance of the SelectiveEventTargets class.


constructor(excludedRecipient: Guid)


SelectiveEventTargets(Guid excludedRecipient)


Sub New(excludedRecipient As Guid)


  • excludedRecipient: Id of the client that should NOT receive the event


Returns true if the provided client Id doesn't match the Id that was earlier provided as a constructor parameter.


method IsValidRecipient(clientId: Guid): Boolean


Boolean IsValidRecipient(Guid clientId)


Function IsValidRecipient(clientId As Guid) As Boolean


  • clientId: Client Id