The RecipientListEventTargets class represents a list of server event recipients. This class implements the IEventTargets interface and thus can be used as parameter in EventSinkManager method calls.

The RecipientListEventTargets class allows to specify a list of recipients of the server event being raised. This is very useful when server events should be sent only to specific users (f.e. in an IM chat application, some notifications should be recieved only by members of the Admin group).

See the Event Sinks and Server Callbacks article for more details about server events.




Gets a list of client ID's of the event recipients.


property Recipients: array of Guid read;


Guid[] Recipients { get; }


ReadOnly Property Recipients() As Guid()

Instance Methods


Creates a new instance of the RecipientListEventTargets class and sets its Recipients property.


constructor(recipients: array of Guid)


RecipientListEventTargets(Guid[] recipients)


Sub New(recipients As Guid())


  • recipients: ID's of the event recipients