Class Notes
ColumnSorting The ColumnSorting class represents information about sorting data in the result data set.
DAArrayDataSource DAArrayDataSource is an unsupported helper class that makes it easy to render data from a NSArray of KVO-compliant objects (such as rows from a DADataTable in a NSTableView component. It provides the following functionality:
DAAsyncRequest DAAsyncRequest objects present an ongoing or completed asynchronous request that a DARemoteDataAdapter is executing after one of its begin* methods was called. The DAAsyncRequest can be used to check the status of the request, assign a delegate (of type DAAsyncRequestDelegate...
DABin2DataStreamer Concrete implementation of a DADataStreamer, providing the standard Data Abstract Bin2DataStreamer protocol implementation.
DABin2ReadOnlyDataTable The DABin2ReadOnlyDataTable class, which is inherited from DADataTable, represents read-only data tables.
DABin2StreamElementInfo The DABin2StreamElementInfo class represents a particular element in the stream created by the DABin2DataStreamer.
DABriefcase The DABriefcase provides support for persisting data used by client applications as a so called Briefcase file locally on your file system, for example to cache it between restarts of your application, or to avoid having to reload large portions of data. A briefcase can hold one or more DADataTables and will persist the original data, as well as any information about pending Delta Changes that have not been applied yet.
DACachedCalculatedFieldDefinition DACachedCalculatedFieldDefinition class represents a special kind of the calculated field with the ability to cache its value. This allows to significantly improve the performance by reducing unnecessary calls to the calculation method.
DACalculatedFieldDefinition DACalculatedFieldDefinition is a specialization of the general DAFieldDefinition class, and represents a field for which the value is not stored directly in the DADataTable, but calculated, at runtime. In contrast to DALookupFieldDefinitions, which obtain...
DADataStreamer DADataStreamer is an abstract base class for all Data Streamers. This class shouldn't be used directly; instead, you should use concrete streamer implementations like DABin2DataStreamer.
DADataTable DADataTable is one of the core classes in Data Abstract, and used to represent the client version of an individual record set, or data table, that has been retrieved from the server.
DADataTableController DADataTableController is a bindings compatible class that manages DADataTable objects.
DADataTableRow The DADataTableRow class represents a single data row in DADataTable. Each DADataTableRow not only maintains its data, but also keeps track of any changes made to its values, until they have been successfully applied back to the server.
DADelta The DADelta class is used internally to maintain a list of inserted, deleted and updated rows in a DADataTable until they are sent to the server and applied to the back-end database. Each contained change is represented by a DADeltaChange instance.
DADeltaChange A DADeltaChange represents a single changed table row within DADelta object. DADeltaChange object is used as an intermediate container for passing changes in a DADataTableRow} to the server side for committing, and for merging changes that come back from...
DADynamicWhereClause The DADynamicWhereClause class serves as container for Dynamic Where XML. In its current incarnation, the class is a mere wrapper that contains the XML body of a Dynamic Where clause; in future versions, the class will be...
DADynamicWhereXmlGenerator DADynamicWhereXmlGenerator class is used for transformation NSPredicate expression into Dynamic Where xml which could be used as the filter during fetching data from the server side.
DAFallbackPredicateEditorRowTemplate The DAFallbackPredicateEditorRowTemplate class describes a special template for predicates that are not supported by Data Abstract.
DAFieldDefinition A DAFieldDefinition represents the definition of an individual field in a DADataTable. Descendant classes, such as DALookupFieldDefinition and DACalculatedFieldDefinition exist for more specialized field types, but a regular DAFieldDefinition represents...
DAFileBriefcase The DAFileBriefcase class provides support for persisting client data stored in a file and placed somewhere in the file system of the client.
DAFolderBriefcase The DAFolderBriefcase class represents a Folder Briefcase, which is part of the DABriefcase class cluster. A Folder Briefcase holds all its tables and custom properties as separate files inside a single folder.
DAIndex Class that represents simple index for DADataTable.
DAInternalFieldDefinition This class represents internal hidden fields, for example fields that handle cached value and its version for cached calculated fields
DALookupFieldDefinition DALookupFieldDefinition is a specialization of the general DAFieldDefinition class, and represents a field for which the value is not stored directly in the DADataTable but looked up from a secondary table via a reference source field The source field...
DALookupFieldPredicateEditorRowTemplate The DALookupFieldPredicateEditorRowTemplate class describes a special template for predicates based on DALookupField.
DANull The DANull class defines a singleton object used to represent null values in the DADataTableRow values collection.
DARelativeDatesPredicateEditorRowTemplate The DARelativeDatesPredicateEditorRowTemplate class describes a special template for building an advanced relative - date comparison over the datDateTime fields.
DARelativityClientFile DARelativityClientFile class represents a model for RelativityClient file,
DARelativityClientFileDomain DARelativityClientFileDomain is the class that represents a model for certain domain inside the *.RelatvityClient files.
DARemoteDataAdapter The DARemoteDataAdapter class serves as a mediator between DataAbstractService and your client side. DARemoteDataAdapter knows where service resides and how to connect to it. DARemoteDataAdapter performs login if a service requires it. DARemoteDataAdapter...
DASchema The DASchema class represents the complete or partial data model for your server application, including the data tables and relationships between them, commands, Update Rules and other elements.
DASchemaBaseObject The DASchemaBaseObject class is the base class for all other DASchema classes.
DASchemaClientBusinessRuleScript The DASchemaClientBusinessRuleScript provides the Business Rules Scripts class which defines specific rules and actions to validate data input, without having to hard-code this logic into the client and server application...
DASchemaColumnMapping This class manages mapping between schema table fields and database table fields
DASchemaCommand The DASchemaCommand object defines an abstract and database-independed command that can be based on a stored procedure or a custom SQL statement.
DASchemaDataTable The DASchemaDataTable class represents an abstract and database-independent table object that forms an intermediate level of working with data between the given database and DataAbstract client.
DASchemaServerBusinessRuleScript The DASchemaServerBusinessRuleScript class provides the Business Rules Scripts base class which defines specific rules and actions to validate data input, without having to hard-code this logic into the client and...
DASchemaStatement The DASchemaStatement class represents an individual statement that defines the mapping between the Schema DataTable or Command and the Database DataTable or Stored Procedure.
DataParameter Stores a name/value pair.
SimpleDataParameter SimpleDataParameter is used for storing information about parameter such Name, Type, Value.
SimpleDataResult SimpleDataResult is a Remoting SDK structure that contains the result of an SQL or plain Data request.
SimpleDelta Simple delta contains a set of changes for a single table.
SimpleDeltaChange This structure contains the new & old values of a row when sending updates to the server and when returning the changes.
SimpleFieldInfo Structure to hold information about the structure of a field in a table.
SimpleRequestInfo SimpleRequestInfo is used for requests to a DataAbstract server with the SimpleGetData call as an alternative to the GetData call. The simple version is callable from xml-rpc and json servers and doesn't require specialized serializers.
TableRequestInfo TableRequestInfo allows you to specify additional parameters for querying certain schema tables.
TableRequestInfoV5 As well as TableRequestInfo, TableRequestInfoV5 class allows to specify additional custom parameters for getting data from certain schema table.
TableRequestInfoV6 As well as TableRequestInfo, TableRequestInfoV6 class allows to specify additional custom parameters for getting data from certain schema table.
UserInfo The UserInfo class can be used to provide additional information about user being authenticating back to the client application.
UserInfoArray UserInfoArray is a helper class that is used for serialization/deserialization UserInfo collection into stream.


Protocol Notes
DAArrayDataSourceDelegate The DAArrayDataSourceDelegate Protocol describes the delegate methods that DAArrayDataSource will call on its delegate object for
DAAsyncRequestDelegate The DAAsyncRequestDelegate describes the delegate methods that a DAAsyncRequest will call on its delegate object, to inform it about successful or failed data calls. All delegate methods are @optional.
DARemoteDataAdapterDelegate The DARemoteDataAdapterDelegate describes the delegate methods that a DARemoteDataAdapter will call on its delegate object, to inform it about any errors happening during remote call or necessity of login. All delegate methods are optional.
IBaseLoginService IBaseLoginService protocol is a part of Data Abstract server interface and used for user authentication. This protocol is implemented in BaseLoginService_Proxy class.
IDataAbstractService This protocol specifies methods to access Data Abstract server core functionality: read data from database, apply updates, execute commands and more. The protocol is implemented in DataAbstractService_Proxy class.
IMultiDbLoginService IMultiDbLoginService protocol is a part of Data Abstract server interface and used for user authentication. Unlike IBaseLoginService protocol there is an parameter provided to allow to specify the database connection name allowing to connect to different databases. This protocol is implemented in MultiDbLoginService_Proxy class.


Enum Notes
ColumnSortDirection The ColumnSortDirection enumeration describes the sort direction (ACS, DESC) in an data query request retrieved via the OData.
DAAsyncRequestType DAAsyncRequestType enumeration describes various types of standard DataAbstract requests (such as GetSchema, GetData, UpdateData and others).
DAChangeStatus The DAChangeStatus enumeration represents the current status of the DADeltaChange.
DAChangeType The DAChangeType enumeration specifies the kind of change (INSERT, UPDATEor DELETE) of the DADeltaChange instance.
DADataTableRowState The DADataTableRowState enumeration describes the row state in the DADataTable.
DADataType DADataType enumeration represents the all possible data types managed by Data Abstract.
DAFailureBehavior This enumeation is not used yet!
DASchemaBlobType Represents particular type of Binary Large OBject (BLOB)
DASchemaFieldValueAlignmentType Represents the type of field value alignment at the client side.
DASchemaParamType Represents the type of parameter in the DataAbstract Schema
DASchemaStatementType The DASQLStatementType enumeration specifies the type of statement represented by a DAStatement.
DAStreamElementType The DAStreamElementType enumeration is used internally by data streamer to determine the type of the data element inside the stream. Data stream can hold serialized tables, their deltas or both of them. And given enumeration...
DAStreamerMode The DAStreamerMode enum represents the mode of the data streamer initialization.
ScriptExceptionType The ScriptExceptionType enumeration defines different kinds of exceptions occuring when Business Rules Scripting API scripts are run. When a ScriptException exception information is sent back from the server client application can check kind of exception occured to properly handle the exception.
SimpleDataMode The SimpleDataMode enumeration designates kind of changes contained in the SimpleDeltaChange class instance. Instances of the SimpleDeltaChange class are used internally by the Data Abstract to store information about change data requests acquired via...
SimpleDataType The SimpleDataType enumeration designates value data type. Values of this type are used internally by the Data Abstract to store information about change data types while processing data requests made via OData or REST...


Exception Notes
ScriptException ScriptException is the class for EcmaScript exceptions.