DADataType enumeration represents the all possible data types managed by Data Abstract. More information you can find here DataTypes


Value Description
datAutoInc Unique autoincrecment Int32 values
datBlob BLOB values (Binary Large Objects)
datBoolean Only possible values (true or false, 0 or 1)
datByte Integer value from 0 to 255
datCardinal Unsigned Int32 values
datCurrency Monetary values - accurate to a ten-thousandth of a unit
datCursor Special datatype for defining Oracle cursor parameters
datDateTime Date and time field
datDecimal Binary-coded Decimal field
datFixedChar Fixed ANSI character field
datFixedWideChar Fixed Unicode character field
datFloat Floating-point numeric field
datGuid Globally unique identifier (GUID) values
datInteger Int32 values
datLargeAutoInc Unique autoincrement Int64 values
datLargeInt Int64 values
datLargeUInt Unsigned Int64 values
datMemo Long ANSI string values
datShortInt Int8 values
datSingleFloat Single precision 32-bit
datSmallInt Int16 values
datString Standard ANSI string values
datUnknown Unknown data type (usualy means unable to determine data type)
datWideMemo Long Unicode strings
datWideString Unicode strings
datWord Unsigned Int16
datXml XML string