The SimpleDataType enumeration designates value data type. Values of this type are used internally by the Data Abstract to store information about change data types while processing data requests made via OData or REST data access interfaces.

Purpose of the the SimpleDataType enumeration is very similar to the purpose of the DataType enumeration, except the former one is never sent to over the wire.


  • Reference: DataAbstractSimple_Intf.h
  • Namespace: DataAbstract
Value Description
SimpleDataType_Binary BLOB (Binary Large Objects) value
SimpleDataType_Boolean Boolean data type
SimpleDataType_Currency Monetary value
SimpleDataType_DateTime Date&Time value
SimpleDataType_Double Double-precision floating-point value
SimpleDataType_Guid Globally unique identifier (GUID) value
SimpleDataType_Int64 Signed 64-bit integer value
SimpleDataType_Integer Signed 32-bit integer value
SimpleDataType_String Unicode string value