Reconcile Dialog

One of the most requested features for Data Abstract in the past has been to provide a User Interface to handle update failures automatically and intuitively. Presenting update failures in an intuitive manner is not a simple task, as the end user often isn't aware (and shouldn't need to be aware) of the implementation details of the database.

To support this, we added a set of reusable dialogs to Data Abstract (for both editions, Delphi and .NET), as well as an infrastructure that makes it easy for developers to provide their own customized versions or to hook up a custom GUI.

Whenever one or more changes failed to be applied on the server, the client will automatically present a dialog (optionally, of course - the Data Adapter's new FailureBehavior property controls whether to show the dialog, raise an exception, or do both - the latter being the default).

For more details and screen shots see Introduction to the Reconcile Dialog.