File Types

This section covers the files that are generated & used by the Data Abstract tools and client applications.

  • .dad & .daConfig files are used to configure data access mechanisms.
    • The .dad files contain code implementing drivers for first or third party DAC components (and are mainly used by Schema Modeler, as Delphi applications usually link in driver code directly).
    • .daConfig files contain an XML based definition of the available ADO.NET providers that can be used in drivers
  • .daConnection files are used to store any connections stored in a Schemas
  • .daSchema files store the contents of a Schemas
  • .daBriefcase files are used to store data and any change deltas between runs of a client application.
  • .daRemoteSchema contains information about a custom Data Abstract server like its URI and data service name.
  • .relativityClient contains information about a Relativity Server instance like its name, the Domain and Domain Schema being used.