.daRemoteSchema Files

A .daRemoteSchema file can be a part of a client application project. It is a link pointing to a remote Data Abstract server Schema. These files are used by IDE to remove the need to re-enter server details and user credentials while performing actions that require the server Schema to be fetched. For example DA LINQ Table Definition classes or typed dataset definitions are based on the server Schema, so their regeneration in case the remote Schema definition has been changed requires fetching that Schema.

The server information is stored in XML format and contains the server URI, Data Service name, and optionally Login Service name and login details.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Name>Data Abstract server</Name>
  <DataLogin />

The DataLogin tag can store the user name. Any passwords (including AES passwords) will for security reasons, be encrypted and stored in a separate *.user file. The encryption method applied to these files ties them to the current host and logged in user, so the passwords stored there cannot be decrypted anywhere else. Still it is a good idea to avoid tracking these files in a version control system.

Getting a .daRemoteSchema file

A .daRemoteSchema files are generated by Visual Studio, Fire or Water during the creation of a project using the New Project Wizard or when the Connect to Data Abstract server.. command is executed.