New Project Wizard (Delphi)

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Data Abstract for Delphi provides a sophisticated New Project template engine for starting new Data Abstract applications. The new templates are focused around creating client applications for different technologies such as VCL or FireMonkey, and employ a new wizard that will assist you in creating your client project and connecting it either to an existing or a new server, or to a new server created at the same time.

Client types currently supported include:

  • VCL Application
  • FireMonkey Application (Delphi XE2 and later)

For Delphi XE2 and later, VCL Applications (and FireMonkey Applications) support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

In the future, this list might be expanded with further options. Your feedback as to which project types you would like to see supported will be appreciated.

Client and Server Choices

Once you have chosen the type for the client application and clicked "OK", the Wizard will launch and present you with four choices for server connectivity.

Please also refer to Choosing a Custom Data Abstract Server vs. Relativity Server.

Client for Relativity Server

This option will create a client application that connects to an instance of Relativity Server to retrieve data. As part of the further wizard steps, you will get the chance to select the server to connect to and browse for the domain and schemas to use (or create new ones).

This is the recommended choice for new Data Abstract projects, unless you have a specific need for custom services or other functionality not available within Relativity.

Client for an Existing Custom DA Server

This option will create a client application for a custom Data Abstract Server you have already created.

This is the ideal choice for adding additional clients to an existing product. As part of the further wizard steps, you will be asked to provide the URL of the running server, so the wizard can access and import meta data for the schemas your client will work with.

Client and a New Custom DA Server

This option will create a new custom Data Abstract server, alongside the client project.

This is the ideal choice when starting a brand new non-Relativity project, and you do not have a server yet. The new server will be a Combo Server that can be run either as standalone Windows application or be registered as Windows Service (for deployment).

Two-Tier (Client/Server) Application

This option will create a project that combines a Data Abstract middle- and client tier in a single application, communicating via Local Channels or the Local Data Adapter.

This is the ideal choice if you want to start with a single monolithic application that will connect directly to a back-end data base. While monolithic, the application does properly separate between middle-tier and client-tier within the application, so future migration of the project two a full multi-tier scenario will be possible,

Continuing the Wizard

The remaining wizard steps will differ based on whether you choose to connect to Relativity Server, an existing custom server or a new custom server. Some options shown in the Wizard might also differ for Metro and Silverlight. Please select one of the options below to continue reading: