Data Abstract for Delphi provides a number of samples that allow you to see its features in operation.

  • SimpleDataOperations (Sample) demonstrates the basics of creating a connection, retrieving table data from the schema, then adding, modifying and deleting a row.
  • Briefcases (Sample) - explores using Briefcases (concept).
  • BusinessRules (Sample) demonstrates using Business Rules Scripting to provide data validation in the middle tier rather than in the client application.
  • ClonedSource this sample demonstrates the usage of the clone source feature of Delphi with a Data Abstract data table.
  • Commands (Sample) demonstrates how to use Commands that are stored in a schema.
  • DAServer is an example of a custom Data Abstract server. It acts as a server for other samples.
  • DASQL (Sample) demonstrates using DA SQL to execute SQL statements against tables in the schema
  • DynamicSelect sample demonstrates using the Dynamic Select (Concept) to limit the fields/columns returned from a table.
  • DynamicWhere sample shows 3 different ways to use Dynamic Where (Concept) to limit what data is retrieved from the schema.
  • PCTradeOffice comprehensive sample application that demonstrates what an application built with Data Abstract for .NET might be like.