The ObjectWrapper abstract class is a base class for wrapper classes used by the Business Rules Scripting API. Provides base functionality to convert object into its JSON representation.

This class is used as a base class for most wrapper classes that are accessible in Business Rules Scripting API scripts.


Class Methods

Convert  protected

Converts provided object to its JSON representation. This method automatically converts all String and value type (Int32, Double etc) properties of the provided object.

If provided object is descended from the ObjectWrapper class then its StringifyComplexProperties method is called to retrieve additional data that should be included into its JSON representation.


class method Convert(obj: Object): String


static String Convert(Object obj)


Shared Function Convert(obj As Object) As String


  • obj: Object to convert.

Instance Methods

constructor  protected

Creates a new instance of the ObjectWrapper class.






Sub New

StringifyComplexProperties  protected

Classes descended from the ObjectWrapper class should override this method if their JSON representation should contain data about complex properties like objects, collections etc.

For example the SchemaDataTableWrapper wrapper class overrides this method to provide JSON representation of its fields and column mappings collections.


method StringifyComplexProperties: String


String StringifyComplexProperties()


Function StringifyComplexProperties As String


Converts current instance to its JSON representation.

This method is called when JSON.stringify script statement is executed by the EcmaScriptProvider Business Rules Scripting API script engine.

This method's parameter is ignored and is declared only for API compatibility reasons.


method toJSON(site: Object): String


String toJSON(Object site)


Function toJSON(site As Object) As String


  • site: Reserved

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