An event which indicates that RemoteDataAdapter is required to perform login on the server. To handle it, RemoteDataAdapter.login method is used. Another way to login on ther server and to avoid the event to be triggered is to call RemoteDataAdapter.login directly from your code before retrieving any other data from the server.

While handling event, set loginSuccessful property if you have managed to authenticate on the server. In that case exception won't be thrown by the RemoteDataAdapter class. Also, set retry property, if you want the adapter to resend failed request.



Exception    (declared in ExceptionEvent)


property Exception: Exception read;


Exception Exception { __get; }



property LoginSuccessful: Boolean read write;


Boolean LoginSuccessful { __get; __set; }



property Retry: Boolean read write;


Boolean Retry { __get; __set; }

Instance Methods

constructor    (declared in ExceptionEvent)

Creates an instance of an object with the given Exception.


constructor(aSender: Object; anException: Exception)


LoginNeededEvent(Object aSender, Exception anException)


  • aSender: A sender of the event.
  • anException: An Exception that is expected to be handled.