Class Notes
BetweenExpression The BetweenExpression class implements BetweenExpression that checks belonging to a range of values.
BinaryExpression The BinaryExpression class implements BinaryExpression class and represents logical operations like And, Or, Greater Than etc.
ConstantExpression The ConstantExpression implements ConstantExpression and represents values in WhereExpressions.
FieldExpression This class implements the FieldExpression and is used to represent table fields in Dynamic Where expressions. For example, see how the table field ID is represented in the SQL query...
ListExpression The ListExpression class is an implementation of ListExpression represents the collection of WhereExpression objects.
MacroExpression The MacroExpression class is the implementation of MacroExpression.
NullExpression The NullExpression implements NullExpression and represents a NULL value to be used as WhereExpression node.
ParameterExpression This class is an implementation of ParameterExpression and is used to represent parameters in Dynamic Where expressions.
UnaryExpression The UnaryExpression class is derived from the WhereExpression class and contains one operand (an expression) and a unary operator.
WhereExpression The base abstract class for classes that represent WHERE expression tree nodes:
WhereValidator The WhereValidator class checks WhereExpressions for errors. The main purpose of this class is to scan all objects of the WhereExpession tree and to make sure that it contains valid field names.
WhereVisitor This class represents the implementation of Visitor patterns and sets the strategy of traversal for the WhereExpression tree.


Enum Notes
BinaryOperator The BinaryOperator enumeration denotes the binary operator applied to operands of a BinaryExpression expression.
UnaryOperator The UnaryOperator enumeration denotes the unary operator applied to operand of a UnaryExpression expression. The UnaryOperator enumeration is widely used when Dynamic Where expressions are created in code.
WhereKind The WhereKind enumeration represents kind of the Dynamic Where expression.