Getting started

The articles and tutorials in this section are designed to get you up and running with Data Abstract for .NET as quickly as possible. You should really become comfortable with all the concepts and techniques explained in this section before using any of the other Data Abstract documentation.



Core Concepts

You should really read this article before anything else. It will help you get to grips with the core concepts behind Data Abstract for .NET.

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ToDo List Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through developing a simple ToDo list application in .NET. By the end of the tutorial you would have covered all the basic fundamentals of Data Abstract.

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Stepping Through creating a new Project

The New Project Wizard article will take you through the steps and details of the new project template wizard that we provide for Visual Studio. With it you can quickly create new solutions1 from a client application connecting to an instance of Relativity, to a client connecting to a custom Data Abstract server, a new client and custom server, and finally a two-tier (client/server) solution.

The Client Project Generated by the Data Abstract New Project Wizard

This article examines the files that are generated by the new project wizard.

OData Publishing

Data Abstract for .NET supports publishing data using the OData standard in both custom Data Abstract servers and in the Relativity server.

  1. Note the project solutions available depends on whether you are using the regular or the server edition of Data Abstract for .NET