Remote Command

The Remote command component allows you to execute commands (stored procedures or SQL statements) from the Schema published by your service.

By default, the standard Data Services class is configured to prevent execution of arbitrary commands from the client, as this poses a possible security risk, depending on what kind of commands are defined on your schema.

To enable execution of commands from the client, set the AllowExecuteCommands property of your DataAbstractService to true and ensure that all published Commands in your schema are safe for execution. Also, you need to have proper authentication methods in place to prevent anonymous users from making malicious calls.

Dynamic Method Binding

Remote Command component supports Dynamic Method Binding like the Remote Data Adapter and provides the ExecuteCall property, which specifies Dynamic Request that will be used to invoke the Command on the server. By default, it will be mapped to the ExecuteCommand call as defined in the IDataAbstractService implemented by standard Data Abstract servers. When using a custom server interface, you can change its sub-properties to control how the data update call is made.