Data Types

Data Abstract supports many different data types, however to make things more consistent common names are used to refer to those data types. Note that those names will not necessarily be the same as those used in the language you are working in.

Data Abstract Type Name Description .NET Type Delphi Type Cocoa Type Java Type JavaScript Type
datAutoInc Unique Int32 values System.Int32 ftAutoInc NSInteger32 Integer numeric
datBlob BLOB values (Binary Large Objects) System.Byte[] ftBlob NSBinary SByte string
datBoolean Only possible values (true or false, 0 or 1) System.Boolean ftBoolean NSBoolean Boolean boolean
datByte Integer: 0 - 255 System.Byte ftSmallint NSInteger16 Short numeric
datCardinal Unsigned Int32 values System.UInt32 ftInteger NSInteger32 Long numeric
datCurrency Monetary values - accurate to a ten-thousandth of a unit System.Decimal ftCurrency NSDecimal java.math.BigDecimal numeric
datDateTime Date and time field System.DateTime ftDateTime NSDate java.util.Date Date
datDecimal Binary-coded Decimal field System.Decimal ftFMTBcd NSDecimal java.math.BigDecimal numeric
datFixedChar Fixed ANSI character field System.String ftFixedChar NSString String string
datFixedWideChar Fixed Unicode character field System.String ftFixedWideChar NSString String string
datFloat Floating-point numeric field System.Double ftFloat NSFloat Double numeric
datGuid Globally unique identifier (GUID) values System.Guid ftGuid NSString UUID string
datInteger Int32 values System.Int32 ftInteger NSInteger32 Integer numeric
datLargeAutoInc Unique Int64 values System.Int64 ftLargeInt NSInteger64 Long numeric
datLargeInt Int64 values System.Int64 ftLargeInt NSInteger64 Long numeric
datLargeUInt Unsigned Int64 values System.UInt64 ftLargeInt NSInteger64 Long numeric
datMemo Long ANSI string values System.String ftMemo NSString String string
datShortInt Int8 values System.SByte ftSmallint NSInteger16 SByte numeric
datSingleFloat Single precision 32-bit System.Single ftFloat NSFloat Float numeric
datSmallInt Int16 values System.Int16 ftSmallint NSInteger16 Short numeric
datString Standard ANSI string values System.String ftString NSString String string
datUnknown Unable to determine data type - ftUnknown - - string
datWideMemo Long Unicode strings System.String ftMemo/ ftWideMemo NSString String string
datWideString Unicode strings System.String ftWideString NSString String string
datWord Unsigned Int16 System.UInt16 ftWord NSInteger16 Integer numeric
datXml XML string System.String ftWideString NSString org.w3c.dom.Node string